DCB History

Dry Clean Baltimore

by Schroedl

DCB History

DryCleanBaltimore.Com by Schroedl has been family owned and operated since 1861, making us the oldest fabric care firm in Baltimore and one of the oldest in the nation. Our natural solvent processing, experience, and level of quality insure your fabrics, upholstery, and rugs will retain their texture and shape while being restored to pre-loss condition.

Through the many years, we have continuously provided the finest dry cleaning services in Baltimore, including fabricare, cleaning, and other related services. Schroedl’s plant does it all – complete garment care, including custom processing for delicate items, drapery cleaning, flame proofing, and disaster restoration.

Schroedl cleaners was established in Baltimore. A German immigrant, Othello Schroedl, opened shop in a house in the Patterson Park area.
Walter Schroedl relocated to Erdman Avenue in the northeast area of Baltimore.
Custom Cleaners was opened at the current Reisterstown Road location in Northwest Baltimore.
Custom Cleaners was bought out by the Schroedl Company and Schroedl Custom Cleaners was established. Schroedl Custom Cleaners has always prided itself on the utmost craftsmanship and customer service. We still serve generations of families to this day.
Double knit and other home care fabrics had started to evolve and Schroedl began to offer window treatments. Since then, Schroedl has been the vendor for many of Baltimore’s interior decorators and major department stores.
Schroedl Custom Cleaners was asked to enter the restoration market. Our services include apparel, household fabrics, shoes, purses, and hats. We are proud to say that we restore 94% of items to pre-loss condition.
Rooted in Baltimore’s heritage and advancing with the times, Schroedl is the leader in textile processing. Over 155 years later, Dry Clean Baltimore by Schroedl continues to be a family owned and operated business.

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